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Hot Water Boilers

Boiler Expertise and Qualified Recommendations

At Broomhall Brothers here in Denver, we have been installing and servicing high efficiency boilers since 1997. We have worked on most types and brands of boilers, including specialty equipment lines like Lochinvar, Raypak, Allied, Dunkirk, RBI, and HTC. Our current recommendation for hot water boilers is with the Lochinvar product line, where our technicians are factory-trained at the Lebanon, Tennessee facility. Lochinvar indirect water heaters, matched with the correct sized boiler, will outlast and out-produce more expensive conventional water heaters. The Lochinvar Knight and Crest boilers have a 10-1 turndown ratio and can run at very low temperatures of 90°F, perfect for water source heat pumps, to 180°F for standard baseboard heating. The Lochinvar high efficiency domestic hot water boilers will operate at 95-98% efficiency.


In addition to our expertise with Lochinvar, we have been servicing the Raypak equipment line for over 20 years. Our Raypak domestic and hot water boilers operate at 82% efficiency and carry a 20 year heat exchanger warranty. 

Our Denver Boiler Repairs Include:

  • Combustion Analysis for Safety and Energy Efficiency 

  • Services on Circulating Pumps and Hot Water Pumps

  • Zone Valve Services

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection and Monitoring

  • Safety Inspections

  • Boiler Consulting for Sizing, Piping Design, and Replacement

  • Denver Steam Boiler Conversion to Hot Water Boiler System

  • Denver Emergency Boiler Replacement, Same Day Service

  • Denver Emergency Temporary Hot Water Supply and Hot

       Water Heat

  • High Efficiency Boiler Maintenance and Installations

  • Denver Steam Boiler Re-Piping for Efficiency and Elimination

       of Noisy Steam Systems

  • Boiler Control Specialists

  • Boiler Pumps

  • Expansion Tanks

  • Boiler Burner Tune-Ups and Cleaning

Commercial Domestic Hot Water Boilers Denver Colorado Broomhall Brothers
At Broomhall Brothers, we provide same day emergency service, a 90-day warranty on labor and 1-year on parts, technicians that are factory-trained and CFC certified, and licensed in 30 Colorado cities and counties. We provide safety, value, efficiency, and comfort to our customers. 

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