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Refrigerant Changes in 2020 Directly Impact HVAC Services in 2019

R22 Refrigerant - The Basics R22 is an extremely common refrigerant used in numerous commercial and multifamily buildings in the Denver metro area. However by January 2020, R22 refrigerant will no longer be produced due to regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In other words, the only R22 available for purchase in the United States starting in 2020 will be reclaimed refrigerant. In fact, prices have already begun to skyrocket for R22 refrigerant as the phase out of production has already begun.

Throughout the 2019 cooling season, property managers and owners will face an important decision - do you repair your existing R22 system or replace it? Repairing a cooling system using R22 refrigerant may not be the most economically feasible option for your property moving forward, particularly if your system is unable to be retrofit to use a different refrigerant type. Taken further, the cost to retrofit an existing system is close to the cost of a new condenser replacement with an EPA approved refrigerant.

Do you know what type of cooling system your property uses? You can determine the type of refrigerant your unit requires by reading the nameplate details on the air conditioning unit.


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